Let Us Hear Your Thoughts

We genuinely appreciate all the feedback we have received from participants, parents, volunteers and sponsors since race weekend. We take very seriously our commitment to put on The Best Kids Triathlon in the World, and we know we will not achieve this goal without the input and ideas of everyone involved. If there is something you liked, we want to know so we make sure to include it next year. If there is something we could have done better, do not be shy. We can only fix the problems we know about.

Most importantly, we would love to hear the stories about how the triathlon has affected the lives of the participants. Is someone more focused on exercise? Has someone joined a swim team? Does someone show more confidence? Does someone proudly display their finisher medal? These are the stories that motivate everyone involved to do an even better job in 2013.

Please take the time to complete the reply form below, and rest assured, we will take your feedback very seriously. Thanks again and here’s to a bigger and better Houston Kids Triathlon for many years to come!

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If there is one thing that could be inproved about the event, what would it be?

What other feedback, stories or ideas would you like to share with us?

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