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2009 Kids Tri Testimonials Recap

-The triathlon was an absolute wonder. I have been a teacher and coached a variety of sports and events and this event was probably one of the most well arranged, well organized children's events I have ever seen. It was safe, fun and friendly! My compliments, you should be commended for your efforts.
~Coach MJ Eckford

Letter in "Mail Call" section of Triathlete Magazine:
After the Ironman 70.3 Florida this year, I had been beating myself up because my run was terrible. I was even questioning if I should compete in this distance or stick to the shorter ones. The very next day I went to a yearly meeting with my school about my 9 year old son who has a hearing problem. (He can't isolate sounds and had to use a special device for about eight months) He has struggled with this all his life and sometimes he feels frustrated. In this meeting they told us that he has tremendously improved in the last two weeks. He is more independent and the teachers do not have to follow up on him at all. They asked us what had happened? What had changed? I then realized what the change was, and I could not stop my tears while I told them that he did his first triathlon May 3rd. (YMCA First Coast Kids Triathlon) His confidence has grown so much that they are recommending that he be taken off special standards for the fourth grade. He seems to be into it so much that he wants a tri bike, and one of the first things he said after he finished was "I am a Triathlete"
~Hannibal Garces

My son had about as much fun as a kid could have, he just loved it! Thank you
~Ann Gallaher



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