While triathlon is not known as a spectator sport, we are expecting a much larger crowd than normal. Kids triathlons always bring out moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents, to begin with, and our Celebrity Big Kids should attract even a few more fans to the race.

In total we anticipate approximately 1,800 spectators in addition to our 600 racers. As with the kids, good sportsmanship is required. Every child that attemps to complete the race is a winner, and every child deserves your support. Your cheers and words of encouragement will help them achieve their goal.


Here are a few important details all spectators need to know:
  • Only registered racers and race volunteers are allowed on the race course. Please obey all signs and volunteer instructions at all times. The safety of your kids is at stake.
  • Parents will NOT be allowed in the transition area at any time. Once the first race begins, no spectators will be allowed in the transition area for any reason. If you need help, please ask one of the volunteers.
  • If you are the parent / guardian of one of the racers, please help make sure they are ready to race. There will be a pre-race briefing and numerous announcements throughout Race Day, but every kid is responsible for their own actions.
  • Please be respectful of the Celebrity Big Kids. Each of them is volunteering their valuable time to motivate and encourage our kids, and we should treat them as the very special guests they are.
  • We encourage you to visit the Exhibit Tent both during the Pre-Race Pep Rally and on Race Day. Without these Sponsors, there would be no Kids Triathlon. They deserve our thanks on race day and our support throughout the year.

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