Greater Houston YMCA

At the YMCA of Greater Houston, we encourage the Houston community every day to be healthy, active and responsible.

This is why every member of our family is so excited to be a Founding Partner of The Houston Kids Triathlon. This event and all its related programs embody the spirit of the YMCA. Triathlon is a sport that teaches the value of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. It is also a sport that can be played for a lifetime.

Some of the highlights of our involvement include:

  • Hosting 7-week Introduction to Triathlon Training Programs at 16 YMCA locations across Greater Houston. These programs are offered free of charge, to both members and nonmembers, and will help more than 300 kids get ready to complete their first triathlon.
  • Encouraging every member of the YMCA Family to participate in this event. While only kids ages 5-15 can compete, anyone can volunteer to help and come out to cheer for the kids.
  • The YMCA will provide the largest number of volunteers on race weekend. We will be proud to help with all aspects of this great event.

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