Race Day 2014

Dear Kids, Parents and Partners:

It is hard to believe we are only 3 days away from the opportunity to meet in person at the Packet Pick-Up & Pep Rally on Saturday, March 15th. Hopefully, you and your friends are ready to be the stars of The Biggest & Best Kids Triathlon ever held in Arizona. We have some very exciting surprises in store, and we know everyone will have a great time!

As promised, following is the second installment of our Getting Ready to Race Email Series. And, do not forget to watch your email box for the final installment before race day. It will include a lot of race-specific information such as what to eat the night before and morning of the triathlon.

Only 44 Spaces Remain!

While this event is already 1 of the 10 largest kids triathlons in the United States, there is still room for your friends, neighbors and classmates to register. Safety is always our highest priority, however, the course is designed to accommodate up to 600 kids. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in participating or direct them to our race website. There is no better way to complete your first triathlon than with your family cheering and your best friend at your side.

Dudley will be in the House

While everyone must come to pick-up their race packets on Saturday, we want to make it fun. You will have the chance to meet and to get autographs from all the Celebrity Big Kids, and we will be joined by some very special guests. In fact, Dudley from the Phoenix Children's Hospital will join us as our Official Starter on Sunday morning. In addition, there will be a Great2bME Photo Contest, a Cheer Poster Station and face painting. Many other partners will offer free giveaways and fun activities. Last but not least, we have a number of exhibitors who will join us with special stuff just for kids. Please help us welcome them!

Bring Your Bike Saturday

Due to the large number of participants, we are going to open transition on Saturday. We will have transition open at 4:00pm sharp, and we will be ready for you to set up your gear. This will enable you to sleep a few extra minutes on Sunday, and it will allow us to start the races on time. In addition, we will distribute timing chips inside your race packet. It is up to you not to lose it overnight and to bring it with you Sunday.

Be There at 6:30am Sunday Morning

Going to a kids triathlon is not like attending a Suns game. It is NOT COOL to be fashionably late. In fact, it will make your entire experience better if you are a little early. Even with the good parking options, there will be 500 cars (and 2,000 people) descending on Kiwanis Park within a very short period of time. The participants will need at least 45 minutes to get their bodies marked, organize their stuff and get into the Big Tent. The parents will need time to find a spot in the shade and to enjoy a cup of coffee.

As people who have been to more than 50 kids triathlons, please trust us in saying. . . your morning will be infinitely more enjoyable if you are not rushing through traffic and hundreds of people at the last minute. We want this to be a very positive experience for everyone!

What to Bring on Race Day

Most of the third and final edition of our email series will focus on Race Day. However, we wanted to go ahead and answer our most frequent question (and give you a little time to prepare).

What do I need to bring on race day?

Well, it all starts with a swim suit. We will provide a color-coded swim cap, and many kids wear goggles (which you need to provide). Also, you will need a bike (check the brakes) and a good, safe helmet (these are required). Finally, a brightly colored towel (to mark your spot in transition and to wipe your feet) and a pair of running shoes are important. Many of the kids complete the entire race in their swim suits (though a t-shirt is not a bad idea, as it provides a good place to pin your race number and helps protect you from the sun).

Some of the optional equipment (helpful, but not required) that you will see includes: a race belt (used to hold your race number - if you do not want to wear a t-shirt); water bottle (kept in the transition area); elastic shoe laces (save time if you do not have to tie); hat or visor; sun screen; and post race clothes / shoes (that are not hot & sweaty).

The Giant Raffle

You are hearing it here first! As a special thank-you to all participants and in an effort to encourage everyone to be on-hand for the Awards Ceremonies, we have gathered some great prizes for our Post-Race Raffle. Thanks to the incredible support of our Sponsors and Partners, we will be able to give away more than $1,000 in prizes. While we are still gathering all of the items, we have some great triathlon gear along with some other cool prizes. The only catch is that YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

Location, Location, Location

In an effort to minimize confusion, we have put together the attached map - Click Here to see it - to supplement the various course maps on our website.

The center of all the action for Saturday and Sunday will be a big tent in the soccer fields adjacent to the tennis courts at Kiwanis Park. ALL of the surface parking lots that are OUTLINED IN RED on the map are open all weekend for free parking. Check them out on Saturday and finalize your plan for Sunday morning.

On Sunday, however, you will need to be careful. All of the roadways involved in the race will be COMPLETELY CLOSED starting at 7:30am. You will NOT be allowed to enter or exit onto the course from 7:30am to about 11:00am. This includes the large lot across from the Recreation Center (off of All America Way).

On Sunday, the Big Tent is where all of the kids will get lined up to race and where the raffle and awards ceremony will take place.

525 Medals & 72 Awards are Ready

Without a doubt, every kid who finishes is a winner and will be recognized with a cool medal (along with FREE Blue Bell ice cream and a big bottle of Academy Water). In addition, the 3 fastest racers in 10 different age groups (both boys & girls) will be presented with a newly-designed award at the end of the day Sunday. Not only will you want to stay for the raffle (see above), but also you will want to be on-hand to recognize the fastest triathletes in Arizona.

$5,000 in Charitable Donations

The Arizona Kids Triathlon is a primary source of funds for a charitable organization called Kids Triathlon, Inc. Their mission as a 501c(3) is to improve the lives of kids by helping them realize the benefits of being healthy, active and responsible. A critical component of this effort is to support other organizations that do incredible things for kids all year long. We are very proud to be able to donate more than $5,000 from this year's event to the more than 18 schools, teams and organizations that will receive donations through our Fundraiser Program.

Volunteers Needed

While we have 100+ volunteers ready and waiting to help this event run without a hitch, we could use a few more. If you have any friends, teachers or co-workers (or friendly co-workers) who might be interested in helping, please ask them to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Charlene. She can be reached via the Volunteer Section of our website, and every volunteer will receive a nice t-shirt and a cool gift (literally).

Once again, we want to say thanks for your support of our event. It would not happen without the interest of the kids and the encouragement of the parents. The Arizona Kids Triathlon is the ultimate family event, and we sincerely appreciate your support. Feel free to contact us via our website with additional questions and stay tuned for the third and final edition of our email updates. The start of the first race is less than 144 hours away!

The 2013 Organizing Committee

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